Hello there!

I’m Laura and my face is the one buried behind a computer screen, creating visual brand components and marketing materials for our awesome clients. My role with 507 Creative Group is a combination of writing elevated content, designing irresistible brand assets, and constantly researching and thinking outside of the box to provide our clients with the best support through all their marketing needs.

Being a brand stylist + graphic designer is an incredibly fun and fulfilling role because I can support new clients through building a beautiful, intentional brand identity and existing clients through ongoing efforts and marketing materials.

I’m a huge font snob and feel very passionately about appropriate font usage and quality typography. I would argue that the fonts we use are one of the most important attributes in design next to color usage and layout. I hold myself to very high standards when making these selections for a client. The decisions around fonts, layout, and color must be not only intentional, but emotional as they evoke an immediate emotional response in your target audience. It’s important to absolutely nail these attributes for a positive and consistent brand image and customer experience.

I see design everywhere I go, it’s a fully integrated part of my life. I joke that not being able to turn off my creative brain is both a blessing and curse. The gears are always turning! But I also feel that this quality allows me to provide the very best work for our clients as I am always immersed in design, what’s trending, and what new technology and information is out there to learn.