When you decide to start your dream company, it quickly becomes your everything. You spend years planning, researching, strategizing, and saving. You eat, sleep, and breathe your company, so much so that you start to feel like you are inseparable. By the time you are ready to launch your company – to reveal your labor of love to the world – you can barely tell where you end and your company begins. It’s a love story, but one essential element to every love story is this: Allowing your partner (aka that incredible business you’ve built) to maintain its own identity.


When we meet with clients to begin our Brand + Marketing Strategy process, we walk them through a Brand Personality Assessment. Now, you might be rolling your eyes, thinking “A brand is a thing, it doesn’t have a personality.” Well, we hate to burst your bubble (okay, actually we love doing this), but your brand 100% has a personality, and it deserves to be defined and embraced!

The elements we define in the Brand Personality Assessment help to inform the photography you use, your fonts & colors, the language you use, and how people should feel when they interact with your brand. Do you want them to feel comforted? Energized? Nostalgic? Confident? Your brand’s personality is what draws your ideal audience in, and what makes them fall in love with everything your brand has to offer.

In short, a defined brand identity will work to directly attract your target market and drive business goals.

Beyond creating the framework to elevate your brand + business, this work also enables you to create distinction between yourself and this business you’ve built. It allows you to truly lead and grow your business with a more strategic, objective approach.

Your business deserves to shine, and you deserve to lead your company like a true boss. If you want to explore how to elevate your brand and take your business to the next level through a strategic approach, we would love to connect! Submit a contact form today and we will be in touch.